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T5 PowerBroadband

The T5 PowerBroadband system puts the technology where it will deliver the best possible service — in your guest rooms. With traditional access point-based wireless networks, wireless Internet access in guest rooms is typically served by access points that are installed on either end of the hallway, where distance as well as construction materials — such as heating and air-conditioning ducts — can impact wireless coverage and performance in some of your guest rooms. The T5 PowerBroadband system eliminates these issues with its unique architecture that delivers in-room coverage at its best. Coverage strength inside each guest room is dependable, with no more “dead zones” or fluctuating performance levels that drive guests into other parts of the hotel in search of acceptable Internet connections.

Wymiary [mm]: TS-524: 43.8 cm x 41.3 cm x 4.4 cm TW-5xx:124mm x 92mm x 32mm
Waga [kg]: TS-524: 5.2 Kg TW-5xx: 0.34 Kg
Interfejsy: dMT VdSL2, per line rate adaptation Integrated analog PoTS splitter
Temperatura pracy [°C]: 0° do 40°C
Zasilanie: TS-524: 100 – 240V aC, 50/60Hz; 375w max, 250w typical Tw-511: Line powered or dC power: 12VdC, 6w Tw-510: Line powered or dC power: 12VdC, 4w
Modele: TW-510; TW-511; TS-524
Typ urządzenia: Media conventer
Gwarancja: Limited lifetime hardware warranty
Zastosowania: Hotele
Inne: Zasięg przesyłania zasilania: 500 ft (150m) Tw-510 or Tw-511 1000 ft (300m) Tw-510 or Tw-511 1500 ft (450m) Tw-510 or Tw-511 2000 ft (600m) Tw-510 > 2000 ft (600m) none (use local power supply)
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